Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hi. My name is Howard Michael Gould, and I'm running for the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America, west.

I've been in the Guild since 1988. I've spent about half my career in television, half in features.

I'm coming off a pretty heavy duty Guild experience as a member of the 2007-08 Negotiating Committee. If you don't know me by name, you might know me from the speech I gave at the Convention Center on the eve of the strike. You can see it by clicking the top box at the right.

I've been on a couple of other Guild committees, too, and I've also followed and commented on the Guild and its political landscape for the last four or five years from the outside, much of that on WriterAction. I find myself thinking often about Guild matters: what we want, what we need, how we can best get it.

Anyway, I'm starting this blog to let you know who I am, and how I think, with more depth and specificity than the booklet campaign statements will allow. I'll try to add something every day or two.

I'm not setting the blog up to take comments, but I do want to hear from you, so feel free to e-mail me at I've never blogged before, so be gentle.

More soon.